I just can’t help myself.  I see paintings everywhere-paintings that should be painted.  Maybe it’s the psychological push I need to get going to try to capture what moves me.  I don’t know. I was driving home today on a road that passes a walking path around a park.  There was the painting…if I just had my canvas and paint ready! The older couple was walking on a nice fall day, sun shining; not a brisk walk, just walking at a leisurely pace. The scene was nice but what struck me was what my mind did.  I wanted to fill in the blanks of what I didn’t know. They were talking ninety miles a minute.  She even had a comfy coffee mug in hand. Million dollar question: What were they talking about? They looked to be the epitome of comfortable.  My mind began to wander. Different scenarios played out. Were they married? Did they have children? Were they  just two friends? Best friends? Had they known each other long? Were they talking about the past, present, or future? I wish I knew. I had many interesting thoughts about them. Maybe I’ll paint what I remember. The leisurely pace has stayed in my mind.  Slowing down enough to be ALL there is valuable.