When I felt I needed encouragement, something to brighten my day, I hiked the trail in the mountains, where the sunshine lit the snow.  Diamonds appeared; a wonderland of light.

When I needed comfort, I strolled the lane covered with fiery leaves.  Their brilliance warmed me.  I drank in their rich glow. They gently and gradually changed in color and gave themselves to the wind, finding their rest place at my feet.

When I needed change, a new perspective, I found myself on the sandy shore, breathing in the freshness of the salty wind. The old was gone, leaving with the tide.  New air was mine. Change had come.

When I needed courage to surrender, I saw in the drop of water on my glass. The condensation built until it started it’s journey, sliding gracefully with no resistance, as if a path were previously carved. Movement that mimics the journey of the river to the sea, with purpose yet effortless all entwined together.  It’s just what I needed to remind me that surrender is beautiful and worth the effort of courage.

What will I need tomorrow? love? friendship? hope? Where will I find it? Where will the search take me? I find myself looking; looking and expecting to find on my path, the things I need in life.  All around me are reminders of the glorious; sometimes broken, yet always redeemable; never forsaken, always abounding…in beauty.  If you seek, you will find.  How good of God to give us what we need.