My heart was squeezed this morning.  Abuse, slavery and corruption survive in this dusty place, breathes deep of the musty and stale and strengthens. I look around our world, hearing about this pain and I bemoan the wrong and evil.  People are used and abused and I wish there was an answer. I know and believe the power of the gospel, so why the gaping, monstrous chasm? I was challenged while listening to Gary Haugen from (IJM) International Justice Mission.

God (for reasons still mysterious to me) decided to confront injustice in this world using people; plain, ordinary, willing, people.  He didn’t just downpour deliverance like the rain.  I wish I knew why, but like the little boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, Jesus asks for me to give only of what I have, not to figure out how the rest.  He takes what is given and multiplies it. He does the miracle, using what we consider impossible, improbable and foolish.  I’m guilty of wanting to see enough food to feed the 5,000 NOW, before the giving.  How can my little bit be important? How? I’m so very guilty of calculating and strategizing, and not nearly enough trusting.  Can I just surrender my little bit, giving with faith, believing that HE will multiply it and do what needs to be done and in the process recognize that the other miracle that is so much needed is happening inside of me.