There are many questions about the way God has decided to do things that leave me wondering.  I’m surely not saying I have a better plan, but I do wonder why we have to go through this “Phase” with the evil one…can’t we just cut to the end, drink in the feeling of the good ending now? Maybe I’m tired.  I find myself longing for a world filled with people pursuing peace, love and honesty and surely this would mean this world would be devoid of all things painful.  Passion week has me thinking.  

But my realistic side won’t let me stay in this mindset long.  Idealism has it’s place, but, not here and not now.  For some reason we ARE here in the midst of this travailing, crazy-eyed, delirious, pain-filled world. We are. Do I want God to swoop down and hover over me like a protective Father with blazing sword to end all who would come against me? All who would steal, kill and destroy? Yes, I guess I do.  But He has another plan…

Low, slow, quiet words He speaks.  Like a hidden undercurrent that feeds my soul, I find I can’t turn away from the sight or the sound of Him.  I’m drawn, partly in shock, partly in awe. -Shock because of all of the paradoxes I read in scripture, in such opposition to what the beautiful , yet EVIL one says.  I was born hearing this in the air, like white noise. Constant droning. Consuming.  Expected.  -Awe, because God’s words are different.  Nothing familiar to this frame.  Powerful and musical. He doesn’t drone in mindless repetition, but asks in boldness “Do you want a revolution?”  I answer with a nod.  Do you want things to be made right? Do you really?” I nod with more force than before. What can I do? I’m not a warrior.  I have no sword.  I know what revolts look like.  He says “Go” and I am more confused than ever.  I really want to do “this”.  He sees my confusion and shoos me toward the door with his hands.  Again He says “Go”, “Go and Live”.  That IS the revolution.  I walk away hearing the words echoing. Live Love, Live Peace, Live Grace, Live Truth…the revolution has begun.