Weather is fascinating isn’t it?  I like to hear what kind of weather people like the most and why.  I have a few favorites.  #1. I love sunshine! Like most people it brings a smile and facilitates outdoor activity, barbecues and time near water.  What’s not to love?  #2. The predecessor of the huge rainstorm, when the monstrous dark clouds are coming toward me and massive movement is happening above me.  I love that. Heavy wind blows, signaling the coming. When I was a teenager we lived at the top of the cul de sac and the driveway was uphill.   So once at the top, that high point gave me a front row seat.  I’d sit on the car and watch the show.  Sometimes I’d even sit after the rain came.  The South always has big rainstorms rolling in and rolling out.  Now that I’m in Colorado I don’t often get to see this happen.  I miss it.

Weather, all different kinds, illuminates and highlights the awesome power of God to me. Does it do that for you? I guess because I forget that I’m not in ultimate control, weather seems a VERY good reality check.  It seems God uses weather to showcase himself in the Bible…mighty winds, storms, etc.  And interesting to note that here is always an earthquake when God comes down to earth. God’s reality shakes everything.  Tim Keller quotes, “God as a concept is lighter than you, you shape it. He fits within your already existing beliefs.  God as a reality is heavier than you, it shapes you. It changes your beliefs”. Encountering God brings us face to face with radical beauty, humility, and purity.  If I am out of touch with the reality of God, then I’m out of touch with reality.

I think I’ll go look at the sky for awhile.