She walked along the river,  feeling the warmth defrost her soul.  ‘Sunshine feels like nothing else’ she thought; giving and healing among it’s long list of powers.  She stopped, bent down and wiggled her fingers along the top of the water.  The contrast of the cool water accentuated the warmth on her shoulders and for a moment she soaked it in like an elixir of life.  The darkness and heaviness in the deepest recesses of her soul was illuminated with light.  It felt good to be aired in the light, like clean sheets drying on the line.  Just two days later she stood indoors looking out of the fogged window.  Such change in such a short time.  Remarkable. The cold wind whipped and blew the snow in swirling patterns, like a painter painting with masterful strokes.  But her thoughts were elsewhere.  She felt the warmth within, and smiled.