It was the beginning of something different.  God did what only He can do as He created, divided and separated.  Night & day was born. Silence was punctuated by the sound of waves crashing on a shore, constantly reaching to touch the new air. Sky and SIMG_2189ea started the rhythm that blossomed gradually into something growing and moving.  The trees, flowers, and plants burst and emanated God’s colors, moving with the rhythm of the waves and wind.  Everything changed as the ball of light was placed into the sky, and the colors moved into a richness of all things deep.  The sun lowered and darkened colors slowly introduced the little lights gracing the heavens.  The stars took the stage with unmatched grace and landed in patterns, a masterpiece all it’s own. The moon began to glow and rested gently on the stage, like a seasoned partner in dance knowing it’s place and time.  Then the sounds heightened.  With the backdrop of the wind, the birds flew and rested among the branches to add their trills to the orchestration.  Their melodies seeped into the water and the fish jumped in the air to hear.  The crickets found their rhythm and the lion roared like a drum and earth continued to swell with sound.  And then God stopped and stilled the noise as He knelt among the dirt.  He formed the last of His vision in silence; this last addition necessary to finish the orchestration. And it was finished.  God directed the voices of creation to join. It echoed throughout the earth and quaked with power. The echoing words “It is good” ran back and forth in celebration.  The song played in fullness like never before.  The angles peeked over the edge of heaven, looked upon the scene and smiled. They  heard the beginnings of a familiar sound.  Their faces looked in wonder as they saw God share himself with man.  The beating sound continued to fill in the spaces yet untouched. Passed from soul to soul,  the heart of man continues with this rhythm given in the garden;  the rhythm of the beating heart of God.