I’m wary of the criticisms that float like dust in the air, like pollutants.  You hear it everywhere-on the news, in churches, homes and schools. It’s like adopting a “corporate view” and even accepting slander of someone negates our personal responsibility for it. Whether political, spiritual, or even academic, there are opposing views.  Sometimes the spokesperson for “that view” gets so caught up in defending that they throw criticism for someone in the air, instead of defending something  with the hope it will land onto vulnerable ears. Manipulative. I admit I’ve been critical, listening to someone else’s opinion of someone or some view and adopting it as my own, without personal knowledge, scrutiny or study.  Shame on me.

It should cause a healthy fear in all of us, to consider that with our influence, there will be those who trust and follow us, not just into our beliefs but also adopting our “judgments” and unfortunately our “criticisms”.  Who don’t you like, and why? That’s a big question that will reveal much. While it is easier to let someone else think for us, it is not healthier.

It will be many miles traveled in this life before some questions arise but eventually the followers will wonder, “Why did they made that judgment?” “Did they know something first hand, or was this more passing along of mis-information?” The truth is, there is no person on this planet that you should fully trust.  There is no one noble in all of their decisions. Let’s not pretend that we can accurately assess.  We need discernment that comes from God.  And with discernment comes a peace within ourselves, not a strife with someone else. It’s not a license to accuse. Don’t we have enough to handle within the confines of our own life? We’re all a group of lost and groping people, with enough grace upon our lives to pass it along to others.  I find myself needing supernatural strength to love, give forgive, and offer grace. I’m praying to be the one who puts out love in the particles of dust that fly from me so God can plant it where he wills.  Dear God, let me be discerning enough to spread love, not criticism.