May balloonsWe were driving down the road and listening to “Walking Across America: Advice for a Young Man”  .  I think we heard the last 15 minutes  of Andrew Forsthoefel’s  story, a 23 year old on a search.  The link is listed below.  He walked across the country interviewing as he went along.  There was a moment that he spoke about “walking in fear” and facing the real possibility that he could die, lost on a back road in the desert.

At the same moment that we heard Andrew on the radio relaying his thoughts of fear and facing death, we drove past a large cemetery.  I glanced just in time to grab my camera as people gathered at a burial site and released about 100 balloons.  The colorful balloons journeyed slowly.  I snapped the picture and felt like I had somehow captured a  synchronized moment orchestrated with purpose; but I also felt like I was invading someone’s sacred space.  Without knowing it, I entered into the world with those mourning. It seemed important yet I can’t quite find the words.   

Walking Across America: Advice for a Young Man