If we could see how the healing really happens, it would change us.  We would marvel at the simple things.  Every time the sun warms our skin, we would recognize it’s power and we would smile.  The rays would not only warm our skin, but our soul.

We would take the time to whisper more “thank you’s”, even if under our breath, as we wake from sleep feeling so different than when the darkness fell. We’d give credit where credit is due.

We would sit before our table with an honest look at the food before us, taking responsibility and also enjoying the pleasure of every bite.  We would savor the nutrients as they changed the chemistry of each cell and marvel at the mastery that is within.

We would work a little harder and walk a little longer, knowing the physical push reaps rewards. A little sweat wouldn’t scare us, but make us feel honored to have such energy to invest in this life.  We would see it as the “gift” that we can’t wait to open.

We would bask in the glow of the beauty around us, all the while meditating on things that are honest and true and worthy of thought, letting it seep into every fiber of every thought. With the release of stress, comes a downpour of peace and with this so many other changes that we sometimes deem silly or trivial.

Wholeness wraps it’s warmth around us every day as we live and breathe the miraculous.