globeSometimes the mind is a funny thing. On some days my mind correlates more with the map than anything else. The sphere of the globe becomes my mind’s canvas. I skip over the blue rather quickly and end up on the brownish places and sit a while.

The last few days I’ve been near the blue of the coast hovering quietly with my Florida family. They’ve had to deal with the death of a dear friend. She was brave. A good mother. A loving friend. She is missed so much.  My sister is hurting.  My mom and dad will comfort those in need. I can’t be there so I pray, asking for them what no one on earth can give.  In my mind I sit among their pain and cry with them from a distance.

My mind quickly travels the 10 hour car ride to Missouri. I smile as I envision a kitchen full of activity, smelling like love, or a band practice with the music swirling and filling the empty spaces with life, or long talk and walks about things that matter. I love these mind travels.  I go to Georgia and visit aunts, uncles, cousins and old friends I miss. I swing up to Michigan and help cheer my mother-in-law on as she does her canning. I have a cup of tea with my sister-in-law and we laugh about college days.

I go to Dallas and listen to the latest orchestration and then to TN to play with my cute nephews and talk their parents about the funny things those boys get into. Because distance isn’t an issue, I get to Alaska to visit family I don’t get to see very often. I go state to state and reconnect, give hugs and leave encouraged by such friendships.

I glance at Facebook and read posts and travel the miles to places far and near.I go state to state and reconnect, give hugs and leave encouraged by such friendships. I think that’s the best thing about this technology.  It’s not everything, but it’s something.  We can connect and mind travel for awhile. We’re all pretty spoiled, aren’t we?

Love to all of my family and friends. Thanks for the visits 🙂