22 Years ago tonight, I went into labor for our first child.  It was after 11pm and we sat down to relax after a long day.  Our last lamaze class met that night and we heard story after story of labor from the previous class members who now held their precious bundles.  Most of the mothers told heart-chilling stories and I sat there feeling contractions, wondering why in the world they wouldn’t think about how badly they were scaring us. I had three weeks to go, or so I thought. My water broke not long after we got home, and I sat there on the couch with my deer-in-headlights look, frozen, forgetting everything I was supposed to remember. We threw a few bags together and rushed to the hospital.  We didn’t have to rush.  But who takes that chance? We walked the halls, welcomed family members one by one, laughed and told stories…up all night, with no real progress by morning.  Hmmm, I thought since my water broke, this would go a little faster. 

Morning turned to afternoon and afternoon to evening. Things were finally picking up (code word for lots of PAIN). Finally it was time to meet him.  It was surreal; emotions all piling up vying for attention and an instant soul to soul connection at that very first sight. I smiled through tears and my life changed forever. Our little blonde haired, blue-eyed baby shocked the doctor weighing almost 8 lbs even though he was three weeks early.

But that seems about right for Jordan Taylor Thompson. He defies preconceived ideas and invites you to think outside of the box. He’s intuitive and thoughtful, hard-working and passionate.  He has a poet’s soul, writing lyrics that embody truth where words usually fail. He’s such a gifted musician, practicing and expanding his craft. He thinks deeply about the things that matter and lives with principle with integrity.  He is a best friend, a soul-watcher, a guardian of all that is good, a compassionate citizen of all who cross his path, a giver of everything he has. He’s a learner; always reading and thinking. He’s a catalyst for change. He’s amazing.  I love being his mom. 

The clock ticks the seconds away and for 22 years it has been counting the connection between a mother and son; an unconditional loving that hints of another world.  Happy 22nd birthday Jordan!! I love you!