Midnight Snow of Grace

snowThe earth quieted and yawned, just as the whirls and twirls of air circled and fell in the growing black
We tucked ourselves in and listened to the howling under quilts; a perfect book-reading night 
The seams above split just slightly and specks of light began to fall, dancing and floating, riding the waves of wind
In a small space of time, the light multiplied and joined together, connecting like friends holding hands as they journeyed down 
The trees outstretched their arms and turned their palms upward to make a home to welcome such beauty
All the cavernous places slowly filled and for the first time in oh so long, became the envy of all~like a setting for a diamond
Our eyes opened slightly, surprised by such transformation
We were welcomed by more than light;  the glittering, glistening white
of grace  

3 thoughts on “Midnight Snow of Grace

    1. Sonya, I would like to send this poem to Betty Brown, but I am not sure how to do that or to direct her here. Can you help me do this? I have her email address. We were talking about the image of the snow filling the cavernouse places. Thank you!


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