It’s hard to imagine it now, that place of such lonely pain.
There were days of endless searching and longing; the unquenchable ache in my soul that clung like clothes I didn’t choose~ horrible, tasteless rags I couldn’t shed on my own, no matter how hard I tried. They were almost tangible, and ‘almost’ is the sacred word I cling to like life. It’s never been an endearing word before. ‘Almost’ always followed the things I held as dear and important~Almost Love… Almost Rest…Almost the Life… But now ‘Almost’ precedes another word.  I felt lost. But more accurate is that you came, when I was Almost Lost. Beautiful, isn’t it? What a companion the word ‘almost’ is to me now. I hear the word and your face and smile is what I see. 
So this is how the story goes…The season changed and tides rolled as the moon grew and faded.  I made strides to live the best version of a “lonely me” that I could.  And now that you know me, you understand the futility of that don’t you? You were supposed to find me. And you did. I wish I knew the “why”.  If calculations and “giving it all you’ve got” guaranteed success, we would’ve known each other for years by now. But I know timing is everything. No complaints. My hands were not on the clock, as much as I would’ve liked them to be. I was truly at the mercy of the divine, to change my life, to bring the necessary wind; to bring you. And it happened. Unexpected in every way, propelling me into the most wondrous whirlwind I could have imagined, there I found myself with you. I still stand amazed that something so woven onto me could be peeled off and destroyed so easily, by such a delicate, yet forceful wind. You were the perfect one to re-clothe me in this splendor of togetherness. You were my perfect wind. And I breathed you in, full and deep until we were one. You are my catastrophic wind of grace where the letters of your name circled me close, healing the ache that I couldn’t touch or think away. And I love you. 
I heard people say it could happen, while others called me foolish to hold on to such raveling threads.  Frankly, I’m not sure how, but I stoked the one small ember left, guarding it, just in case the wind would come and spark this flame.  
And so I live in that truest of true place, in the depths of unexplainable words, where two become one. My life feels like a treasure chest that magically filled with exotic coins from the sea… and 100 years together could never be enough to spend it all with you.