As beautiful as they are, starry nights and morning dew cannot hold back this fatal grip.

christmas night

Death had been marching for centuries and nearing. Closer and closer he came, bringing a change in the air. The creatures could feel the clamminess and scurried in a frenzy of fear.  The day, the season, the desire, none of this mattered.  They knew death was no respecter of status, age and goodness. Even Earth would become victim.

And so it was that starry night.  Earth groaned and then paled. The chill in the air mirrored the rigid, feeble movements. Only a raspy breath could be heard.  The dark pronounced judgment and the words thundered and echoed through the forests and deserts, “It’s almost over. It’s almost over.”  Then stillness and silence.  Death, in the cloak of darkness, loomed and came close, cradling earth’s head, hovering, waiting.

Minutes felt like eternities as all creation watched. And then it happened…the sky broke open as a light shone from above. Death cowered back in the safety of shadows. A baby cried.  Angels who had gathered  to watch now joined in celebration, and began to sing as darkness dissipated in the glorious light of Emmanuel.  Earth gasped and then breathed long, slow, deep breaths.  The fleshly, rosy color of life returned and a quaking of strength emerged from the depths.  Christmas had come.