Oh my dear, dear God, there are moments that I feel so close to you…and to be honest, some moments that I feel so far.  I fail to see that you are a steady Oak with roots that run the earth, and anchor back to yourself.  I find my mind in doubt.  Not doubt that you exist, but doubt that I can stay near enough to breath the air from your branches.  I’m not sure why my eye catches something afar off? Why I follow like a child chasing a butterfly? But I do.  And then a message comes.  You always send a message, a daring message of the unconditional. I take a moment to look upward and I can see you tower above, even from a distance I can see.  I sense your presence and hear you calling me with whispers in the wind.  I realize that even here, I am not alone.

There is no speck of earth where your roots are not near,

no place where my feet is not coated with the dust of you.

There is no depth that doesn’t know your presence.

No bird that does not sing your message.  

No sunset that does not use your color.  

No baby that does not wail your voice.  

No longing that doesn’t carry your fullness.  

No lover that does not accentuate your loyalty.  

No accomplishment that does not highlight your love of story and perseverance.  

No sunrise that does not reflect your light.  

You live among us, don’t you? You evidence yourself like a poet, with hidden messages in the seams of the book. It’s so much about the mystery of you. This little lapse of time in earth clings to the hope of you making this right; that we will no longer meander and find ourselves surrounded by dark; that the mysteries will be revealed.  Little by little they are revealed by you. You are.  And that is all I need in this space, is it not? Just you.

O my dear, dear God, I love you.  I know it is because you first loved me.