A moment dark and rich
like a beautiful piece of mahogany drenched by sunshine
danced across my mind
how can it be so deep and yet so bright?
but everything was deeper and brighter when I yielded my senses to it
These moments that surprise
so simple yet complex-willing me to engage
they are upon me before I can blink-
the scent from the cedar chest where the past collides with the present–my grandmother’s quilts embracing the scribbles from my children, merging into something nostalgic and magical
the faint twinkle in the eye of a friend that sparks a smile, a reassurance passed without words
the unexpected fluttering of the curtains in evening reminding me to let myself feel and be moved 
the thought that I may be stronger than I feel 
so much hope entangled with a twinge of sadness because nothing stays the same
the poignant sound in a memory
the hand of love faintly touching
not to soothe
or to take, but just to be
steady, unassuming, comfortable
the shooting star that prompts the wish
the winding road to the unfamiliar
the skies changing above me in tandem with my thoughts
the laugh ringing out from the other room
yes, these snippets of life quiet me
into a stillness of wonder
they are the sand that remains after the sifting of the day
the precious
needed to survive