Glowing Candle Demo by Susan Blackwood e-mailAnd so the day winds down…the dishwasher runs and banana bread is finishing in the oven, filling the house with the aroma of winter. The lights are dim and lamps glow just like candles on a cold night long ago. Timeless. I can hear voices of family chattering in the other room. Soothing, melodic…beautiful. It seems exactly like it should. I’m rocking in a rocking chair that I purchased today.  Grand baby Moses is coming Wednesday night and Grammy must be ready. 🙂

I opened the computer and read some poetry.  I come across the line- “there is no house like the house of belonging.” I’m thinking on these words by David Whyte and decide they are trueSo, so true!.

Don’t you think “words” and “winter” seem like kindred spirits? ‘It looks right to see them holding hands, giving knowing glances across the room. The dark and cold are accentuated by the warmth and glow in the winter house. The words becoming the fire we need. Truthfully,  I’m not sure we would ever choose winter.  We think of the trouble, the cold, the need for heating, the closed doors and windows to keep us safe from the elements. We’re too pragmatic. We would ask for a balmy 70 degree day year-round, But there is a knowing in our depths; a knowing that the seasons bring with it exactly what we need. A longing.  We need to long. We need the anticipation.

I think we need the warmth of words and the excuse to sit in rocking chairs, snacking on banana bread. It’s winter after all.