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Some were old, others young when they moved to the neighborhood.  I found it odd, this eclectic bunch– bound by what they could not control.  For the most part, we don’t get to decide a lot of things. This very fact should take root and change the landscape of our heart. Humble us? Sober us? Maybe open us up to the truth that we are all so much more alike than not. So much none of us control: which clouds will float above, and what weather will be ushered above us, how will the crops do this year and will we be understood by those we love the most…? Uncontrollable things. This list is mighty long and grows in my mind. I don’t highlight this to misrepresent responsibility, but to recognize a valuable truth.

Walking and meandering the dirt paths in this neighborhood, I think to myself  “houses so small for the beauty they hold”. Unlikely neighbors marked with ornate marble. Yes, they are chiseled with letters and numbers but to be honest, I wish for more. I always do.  These unlikely neighbors have reminded me of what I have known but forgotten.