There is a present that sits under the tree each year.  Everyone gets it.  Sometimes it’s small, and other years…well, other years you need a refrigerator box to contain it.  And in truth, it’s not always wrapped. At times it’s so ugly, you would like to send it away, but that is not an option. But other years, you sit to look at the tree and this present steals the show every time. It’s beauty is breathtaking.

The gift is CHANGE.

We have a choice in HOW we accept this gift. That is the measure of our involvement.

This year the box has been the most beautiful. Wrapped in what looks like gold and sprinkled with fairy dust, this year, the biggest change was our hearts growing larger making room for more.

Change was-

A daughter-in-law with a heart for my son.  It’s other-worldly to see someone other than yourself love your child this fiercely. She’s bold, beautiful, strong, and full of grace. She has a strength that’s covered in velvet. Rare.

A grandson. I can’t even speak his name without joy tears piling up in my eyes. He represents so much love and so much prayer. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s one of the richest boys on the planet for he is most loved.  He made me “Grammy”.

Two children moved out.  I find myself grateful that they are strong and capable, confident and hard-working. My mom-heart gets nostalgic and I miss the every day chit-chat. They spread their wings and I look up to see the soaring. I choose gratefulness, not sadness.

The former change created a new change in the house. One beautiful daughter left to hang out with mom and dad.  She amazes me. I’m not sure if she knows that in so many ways, we are all looking up to her. She has navigated the most change with the most grace.  I have much to learn from her.

Personal growth. A new business, new-found health and strength, a fit husband who not only appreciates my health consciousness, but now joins in the effort. A bright new hope I plan to share with all I have the privilege to know. Hope is worthy. Wealth is probable. Health is possible. Life is beautiful.

I relish in the awakening to these changes. Humbled it sits with me this year.

Whether this year brings the ugly or beautiful gift, I ask for the measure of grace for each.  Let us hold, comfort, engage, support wherever we find each other, because CHANGE comes with or without us.