I’m not really sure if I can even quantify the ways that you, my twin sister, have impacted my life. I’m sure we had ways of communicating even in utero and I’m pretty sure you soothed my sorrows even there. You were my first friend and probably gave me a wink before being born, letting me know I’d be ok for those 6 minutes you weren’t there.  It’s probably why I followed. I needed to be wherever you were. You’re such a giver.

You were my jibber-jabber comrade who gave hugs and held my hand even as a toddler. We’ve grown older, but your sweetness has never faded. Never.  It’s only grown. Your calm and gentle ways leveled out my free-spiritedness on more than one occasion. 🙂 To be near you is to be loved and cared for, wrapped up emotionally in the softest, most luxurious blanket you can imagine. It’s a whole lot of grace snuggled up in there!

When we were 5 years old we welcomed our little sister to our “girls only” club.  I had a little “hissy fit” because I didn’t get to hold the new “baby doll” first. Yeah, Londa, you didn’t have those fits. (That’s probably why you got to hold Lori first. I’ll have to ask Mom. 🙂  I tell ya, I sure do love my sissies!

One time as a child I climbed on the kitchen counter to get a glass from the cabinet (the dishwasher was open underneath me). I remember you waved a clear baggie in the air saying “betcha can’t get the baggie”.  Of course I lunged for it, fell into the dishwasher and came up with a fork stuck in my arm.  Good times. Good times. You are always “loads of fun”  🙂

What a life…full of dolls, music, outside playtime running like the wind, bike-riding, talent shows, barbies and hide-and-seek. Of course this eventually turned to school work, more music, clothes shopping, boy-liking and love-song writing. We’ve always supported each other in our endeavors. You were the musician and I was the artist, yet every now and then we dabbled in each other’s area of creativity being cheered on by the other.

Like a beautiful star that shines each night, Londa, you have been and are a constant. I don’t have to worry if you will support me.  I never have to guess if you love me.  I never have to wonder if we’re ok.  We always are. I’m guessing  that there are very few relationships in life that have that kind of foundation, but then again, we’ve been at it a while now. LOL

I think I’m the luckiest girl alive. Having you as a twin is about the greatest thing I could imagine. I’ll always and forever be grateful God surprised everyone and threw me in there with you. Today I celebrate YOU! Cheers sweet sis! Here’s to 47 more!