When I think of you, it seems fitting that you should be high on a stage with the noise of overwhelming applause filling my senses. I imagine that if all knew you as I do, you would be admired by millions and I just one of the crowd looking on in admiration, just hoping for a chance to talk to you in person. I keep the world’s greatest secret in my heart. So, is it a wonder that I am overwhelmed when I am with you? And to hear something come from your heart, to reach out and stroke your face, to look into your eyes, well,  this rivets me into the moment like nothing else.

I watch you with others and see your eyes sparkle when you speak, always with passion. Do you know the rarity of that? Probably not. But you are like a magnet, drawing me in so that I cannot move away. If I didn’t know you, I would want to meet you. My breath would come quick and I would probably stammer with excitement.  It’s funny to think of it now, because we did meet way back then.  You were inserted into my world, just another boy, I thought. But knowing you makes me look back on that day. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have just smiled, I would’ve trembled.

Maybe that is the essence of loving you for years. Knowing you so deeply forces me to look back to that first exchange.  I am brought to tears and a greater knowledge of the presence of grace envelops me. You are wonderful. You always have been…and no doubt, always will be.