bread.milkandhoney.DSC_0002 (1).1280 Have you ever been around someone who can’t eat a certain food and you hesitate to eat it in front of them? Have you ever been in love around someone who has lost their love and “toned down” the gushing in front of them? Have you ever been around someone with long-term illness and hesitated to be joyful about your own health? I think these are common social conundrums. We are attempting to be sensitive to others feelings and hurt. We err on the side of cautiousness, for their sake.  But I have a theory forming.  Just a theory.  It’s not solidified, so feel feel free to wade in on it.  Here it is: I think people who, for whatever reason, are forced to be without something that they would ordinarily choose, want, desire…I think they vicariously enjoy these things through others.  I think given the chance they would say “Please don’t hold back”.  “This is precious” “Savor every bite”  “Take every opportunity”  “Love fiercely”. I’ll give a little example that got me thinking. My doctor has me on a gluten free protocol.  Did I mention how much I love bread? I mean, I LOVE the smell, texture, taste…(taking a minute to close my eyes right now and remember) 🙂  It’s a favorite.  So, it’s been an “adjustment”.  When I go out to eat with others and they are tentative to eat the delicious, soft and chewy, buttered and shiny deliciousness, and become apologetic, I say (maybe scream a little) “Are you kidding me? You BETTER EAT THAT BREAD! Savor every single bite! I love that someone gets to enjoy it.” And I mean it.  It makes me smile that this experience is not completely forgotten and appreciated. So, just projecting that into other areas of life, and I wonder if it holds true?  My theory is that the person battling for their life would be the first to say “do what you can now to take care of your health”. No guarantees either way, but they’d be cheering loud. Those who have lost a love–they know. They would whisper into your ear “sink as deeply into this moment as humanly possible. It may not always be like this.” That’s my theory.