My world was brightened on this day (Feb 26), 1973. I was five years old when beautiful little Lori entered the sisterhood.  She’s witty, adorable, creative, loving, inspiring, hard-working, and can tell a story like no other.  Even a boring day becomes extra special if I’m around her.

What’s hard these days is being so far away. My thoughts drift to her; her spunky spirit and my heart is there today, celebrating her and all she has become. Today I celebrate the day she graced this earth. If I were there, we’d definitely eat chocolate, watch “I love Lucy” and then hop in the truck to meander around the antique stores.  We’d find a little something that needed her touch. She’d redeem it and make it more special than it ever had been. That’s what she does for me in life. She makes me better.

I love you Lori. I miss you terribly. I hope your day is as grand as you.