In the spring of 1993, I was a busy Momma of an 17 month old and very pregnant. The night of March 31st, I woke in the night and rubbed my belly saying “baby girl, are you serious?” “April Fools, really?” I thought ‘well, she’s going to have some kind of spunk’! I knew it was time to go into the hospital and April Fools Day would never be a joke to me, but instead a celebration of the entrance of my beautiful girl, Bethany Joy.  Not only does she have spunk, she has a huge passion for people and heart for pursuing life. She’s a game-changer. Even the pavement sparks when she walks on it. From the beginning, a spirited personality has been bursting from her. She’s a giver and lover, a mover and a shaker. 😉 I’m so thankful that I get to be her momma.  🙂 Happy birthday my darling!