summer fun

Even though you don’t flail your arms around and squeal with delight at the revelation that something fun is about to happen, can you go back that childlike exuberance? Can you feel the weight begin to lift off of your shoulders? Can you feel your thoughts drift toward summer fun and playtime adventures? To carefree afternoons playing in the sand?

So much is written about taking responsibility for our actions (which is legitimate), but I sometimes I wonder if the discipline of having childlike exuberance might do more to ready us for responsibility than anything else.

We are worriers aren’t we? If we don’t have it figured out, we panic and think that keeping our minds engaged constantly might actually help us make progress. It seldom does. Maybe it’s time for a lot of laughter and a lot of unconventional thinking. Maybe we should play. Maybe we should simplify. Maybe we should tap into our childishness. So much life is available in that sweet spot.