If love was a body of water, the ocean would be minuscule in it’s ability to contain

Nothing would have the power to stop the water from meeting the shore

If expressed in words, the plot would never end

the book would be the words read before every night of sleep

If love was fiction, no tale or plot would be grand enough

the hero or heroine would never ride into the sunset, they would never leave the set

If a melody, a song, or symphony, the cadence would always play in our memory

a never-ending companion from within

There would be no end to euphoria, no end of the divine

If love was measured in time, eternity would only be the beginning

As simple and intricate as a ticking clock held in a pocket

Feeling the depth of love would be as simple and as profound as touch, hand to hand

yet overwhelming as a flood washing down the debris on the mountainsideawakenings-quote

Love is the magic behind the mystery

The forgotten thing remembered, just like the summer of ’69

~(thoughts from the movie “Awakenings”)