David Lawrence Thompson, what a strong name. DAVID- (Beloved or friend). LAWRENCE- (Laurel crown). What a fitting name for the birthday boy!

Happy birthday David! 48 years old today, and I would say this has been the most transformative year. I saw him tap into his skills and passion, and implement such dedication and discipline into his daily routine. There are no discrepancies between his values and lifestyle. I’m not sure how many people in the world find that kind of cohesion. He did. 48 has been a wonderful year of personal growth, belief, giving and nurturing; nurturing the important things in life.

He loves freedom, God and family. You see why I feel so blessed?

What does he want for his birthday? Time with his family. That’s the kind of man he is -always choosing to invest in us. I love him and all he embodies-a rare breed in this world.

Happy 48th my darling. I look forward to all the year holds in another chapter of our adventure!