This was month #1 of our summer adventure (house sell, storage; summer of work and family). We have gone from CO to MO, TN, AL, GA, FL.  I’ve enjoyed seeing so many friends and family members. And there are more I’d like to see! For me, the importance of people in my life has never been more easily understood or realized.

If you know me at all, you know 2 things. 1. I am a pursuer of health and wellness. 2. I love taking time to recognize and soak in the beauty of life. Both of these pursuits require intentionality. Anything worthy seems to require time and effort, right? It doesn’t just “happen”. I know I am in the right pursuits when my body, mind and spirit seem to converge? Like seeing, smelling and touching.

On that note, last evening we were walking on the beach with my brother-in-law Paul and we came upon a sand dollar, whole and unbroken.  We stopped to search (of course) and we kept finding them. (I got a little carried away and got completely overtaken, rummaging in the surf, white dress and all. I learned that shells are more valuable to me than the comfort of dry clothes). Anyway, with every attempt to pick another from the surf, a lesson was seeping deeper into my being. And this is it: Where you find one, you will most likely find more. I know. I know. So profound, right? 😉 Who are the kinds of people you are drawn to? Where you find one….people that respect others and themselves? Knowing that it is not a choice that requires you to choose one over the other? Who pursues health and life and freedom and love and …

So, the conditions that make it likely to find ONE sand dollar, will also be the condition that I will most likely find MORE. I think meteorologist say it like this: “Conditions are favorable”. And wow, we all want more freedom, love, health, strength and life, right?! I’m all in. Happy hunting!