I’m about 5 years late to this party, but I have finally arrived. What party? you might ask. Well, I heard about this man named Forrest Finn. Even his name sounds like a fictitious character in a novel, but guess what? He’s a real live person.  I’ve read and seen interviews and plan to read his books. This interesting man, artifacts dealer, explorer, decided to invite others to “The Thrill of the Chase”. That’s the name of his book where he explains how he hid a small treasure chest north of Santa Fe somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. It’s filled with gold coins, gems, artifacts…I am so intrigued. I mean I’m the person who does somersaults when finding a beautiful rock, a shark’s tooth, a piece of driftwood, so you can only imagine my brain is in overdrive, devouring information, trying to decipher the 9 clues that this gentleman left in a poem.

In the midst of my churning brain, I am also intrigued with the concept of risk and adventure. What role does this play in our life? Is it healthy? Can we be adventure seekers while being content? I think the answer is “yes” and I don’t think I’m trying to justify my “obsession”. Honestly. I’m not. I’ve been on a personal journey, a quest if you will, where I am pursuing this: the art of being content while contending. hmmm, let me say it another way. It’s like in my best moments I’m holding hands with two friends, “thankfulness” on one hand, and “dreaming” on the other. And BOTH are so vital to living a full, rich life. (no pun intended)

Seeking denotes a few things about us. 1. that we don’t know everything. 2. that we are teachable. I think we innately want to ask questions. We want the quest, SOME quest, some story, some victorious moment that required resolute determination. This is only possible if there is something   just.  out.  of.  reach. It involves just a handful of clues…and an open mind. In essence, this quest is a microcosm of life. Wouldn’t you agree? And along the journey, we may realize the greatest gift of the journey is the adventure along the way; the sights and sounds of that which intrigues, warms, speaks to us at the core of our being. The journey may be just as valuable as the treasure we seek.

Even if I never found THAT treasure, I’d rather have a life full of adventure.  Wouldn’t you?

forrest finn poem