Yesterday, I posted on FB about my intentions to face fears. And then a picture of me “plain-faced” as you can see below. I was not attempting to gain compliments about not wearing makeup, but desired to push myself to be transparent about the struggle to value myself as just plain me. I’m not against makeup or pretty clothes. I’m just pursuing growth. I am saying I should not need that to feel confident. It should not be a crutch. I want to live FROM validation, not FOR validation.

I’m thinking a lot about what it means to say yes to the things that scare me, mostly because I think that’s where growth and magic happens in life. Maybe paying attention to the little inklings underneath the loud noise of life is what true discipline looks like. It’s weird to even identify what those scary things might be. In what ways am I holding me back?
One thing stands out in the undercurrent of my life: being comfortable with plain ole me. For some people this is cake; Nothing hard about it. So here’s me facing one of my scares: plain-faced me. Pursuing the sparkle from within because I’m more than my makeup.”

Sonya Humphries Thompson's photo.