IMG_3742In the midst of a lot of turmoil in life, whether political unrest abroad, in your home or inside of yourself, there is a tendency to withdraw, become angry or apathetic. It’s easy to become so emotionally drained that we forget to stay. Stay what, you might ask? Stay pursuing life; physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

Here are a few keys that I have found that help me STAY in tune with life during hard, stressful  days.

  1. Grieve. Don’t squelch your heart. If you hurt, have space for sadness. Trying to deny something going on within will only sabotage you in the end.  Grieving is also part of living. It has a place.
  2. Be Quiet. When being pulled in many emotional directions, plan for quiet space. Listen. Pray. Read. Take some time to “be”. (An inward massage, if you will). Don’t busy your life with distraction as an escape. Maybe it’s just me, but I need fous time.
  3. Consider Your Goals. Don’t ditch your goals that were made before the storm. Are you focusing on health, finances, spiritual growth? Don’t deviate. Let pain be a fuel, not a thief. Are you pursuing a new hobby. Embrace it with even more intention, not less.
  4. Love. This seems obvious, but when in pain, self-focus becomes out-of-balance. We don’t mean to, but we tend to become so self-absorbed that we self-soothe and become paralyzed in the ways we normally interact. Consider what you have to GIVE at this time. Give of yourself more, not less. Your equilibrium is connected to your loving. Don’t become stingy with you.
  5. Speak truth to yourself! Take heart. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself “This too shall pass”. Because guess what? That’s the truth. (even if the only thing that changes is the way we handle pain). Only you can reject a victim mentality. Relish in the fact that you will connect with others who have persevered before you and you can be a light for others on the journey behind.
  6. Let go and/or get moving.  Recognize there are things you do not control. I know, earth shattering, right? Wisdom is understanding this tension between proactivity and trust and when to implement which.  Let go of manipulation. Let go of anger. Let go of control you don’t have anyway. Receive direction, wisdom, guidance, strength and move with confidence where you can contribute.