In this day and age, anything that happens in our lives can be followed by a google search. I look back at my history and I find all sorts of questions that I’ve put into the google search field. I’m not really saying this is all negative. There is so much freedom in doing research and learning, being proactive and investigative; desiring to live as well as possible.

BUT…you knew it was coming didn’t you? I also know I’m having to consider some parameters for the mental and emotional congestion that comes from so much information download. Scanning, reading, evaluating…it can get tiring. My most recent “obsession” has been the “idiopathic anaphylaxis” research. I want to avoid it and can’t get my head around next steps. I am learning that I am not alone, but I find that this is taking up rooms of my life that formerly held quiet breezes, sunsets and rocking chairs. The room looks and feels cluttered now.

Obsession, by definition is the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, feeling etc.

Domination? Nah, I would like to forego that. Can you curb an obsession? Well, I think that as I understand what’s happening, I can choose to stop feeding it. Logically speaking, there comes a point that I must “let go”, open the windows, clear the clutter and rock in the rocking chair awhile.