Siblings are the people who know you first. They are the ones who give context to your life and open you up to self-awareness. Whether you are the oldest, in the middle or last, you find your little niche in relationship to your sibling(s), their thoughts, ideas and actions.

They are your first connections and reveal your first insecurities. Whether you look alike or not, you carry the same connection and love for parents and underneath you know your roots expand and grow, all from the same dirt. In these roots,  security and diversity are intertwined. You are so unique, yet come from something familiar.

When the weather is just right, or the summer breeze blows long, you may have a deja vu and smile as you recall a brief moment with them. Childhood flashes. Days were like years and now, well now, years are like days. When did the switch occur? Maybe it happened the day you started living your life apart from theirs. Maybe this “grown up and on your own” is what rolled in the new era. And we are all too familiar with the new rules, but old ones lay just under the surface, steady and quiet…we haven’t forgotten them. And truth be known, we love our mind to wander back to that time and place with them. They sparkle like stars in the darkness of life. It’s the place where unspoken words have meaning, smiles and laughs represent miles and miles of togetherness, where a fleeting look into the face of your sibling brings worlds of wonder and depth to all you know and feel.

Siblings are gifts that shape us, and hold us.