While on our family vacation, Bethany, Natalie and I decided to take advantage of low tide to get to the north end of Kiawah Island. (This trip was a plan B since hurricane Irma squelched our Edisto Island plans). To be honest, I was a little disappointed that the Kiawah Island beach didn’t have shark teeth. I heard that there may be an opportunity to find one on the north end. We had baby Lennon with us, so we weren’t sure how far we could go. She was a little trooper!

We noticed as we journeyed north, there were no other humans.  We encountered flocks of seagulls and pelicans. Then Natalie spotted a whole sand dollar. We grabbed a photo to commemorate the find. Little did we know that we would find over 100 sand dollars as we continued to walk!!!As we neared the point, I even found a shark tooth and we saw dolphins playing. It was one of those walks that can’t be explained. Memory upon memory. Magic was in the air and drifting to shore. A Ranger drove in a truck made sure we knew high tide was a’ comin! We had about an hour before the inlet would be flooded. We raced back with the jewels.

side note: we found out that if sand dollars are still in the shallow water, the best thing to do is gently put them back into a little deeper water on the ocean floor. They are alive until they are on the shore for a few minutes. You will be able to see a little movement in the slits on the dollar when they are alive and see that they are a little fuzzy. Only take the ones that have landed and been on shore without water. Here’s a great article to read about the differences between them being dead or alive.