A year ago I was walking these cinnamon shores …

Most people have a love / hate relationship with the sea. I’ve always been one in love. As I was walking the shoreline today in between work hours (a dream come true), I started to think about the contrasts. The sea is both changing and constant. That’s rare. Most of the time, we have to wait to experience this dramatic shift as seasons change, but not in a 12 hour period of time. It’s like nature’s time lapse as we watch the low and high of tides.

Power and movement contrast serenity and expansion and appear to be in tension, bringing perfect balance (to me). I definitely don’t think everyone has to have the same reaction to the sea, but I do wish for everyone, a place…somewhere…that brings this kind of care to the soul.

a place where the soles get grounded and the mind gets clear; the heart expands and the dreams soar; where the fragmented pieces fit perfectly together to convince us once again, that we are WHOLE.