I decided not to go tonight. Jake Wells band has an EP release show tonight. Part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and just go. But there was an inner knowing that I should stay home tonight. When I see how everyone is handling the precautions, I see a little crazy happening. Some people are angry. Others are in fear. But I think we all know that there is a place to move from; a place of love.

I can imagine it now. A day in the future, there will be a consensus as we look back and chat.

We’ll remember the season when the whole word rested and stayed home.

We won’t be able to deny that it brought rest and opportunity for a new kind of connection. Yes, amidst the sadness for the struggle and for families whose most vulnerable left the physical frame, there are little ones not in school and having more family time than they’ve ever had before. There are neighbors talking and those giving a helping hand.

I know. I’m a “pie in the sky” kind of girl. But I know there will be sunshine behind the clouds of COVID-19.

It’s our place to hold the tension between two realities. Disappointment in what was cancelled and gratitude for what we experienced is part of the fabric of our new normal.

Always looking for the #beautynearme may be greatest immune boost we have in our arsenal. I’m breathing over the diffuser. I’m taking immune supports and eating well; hydrating a lot, but I’m mostly looking out the windows seeing signs of spring.