Feeling melancholy, I walked the quiet path through my little secret garden. Spring was awakening the earth. I felt the dew on my face but it was from the dripping of my eyes.

The earth and sky seem to be march to the cadence of the each other.  But today was different. I walked briskly and noticed the clouds above were anxious too; anxious to run and stretch beyond the normal boundaries. I stopped, closed my eyes and felt the movement of the wind on my body but also in my soul. I looked up to give the running clouds the attention they deserved.

As I gazed upward I thought of those I love; wishing we could walk and talk together.  We should be swinging on the porch swing together, laughing, looking for the sunset colors to turn the water into fire. If my loves were here, we’d laugh and smile and talk of stars, have picnic lunches and walk and talk again tomorrow.

Of this one thing I am certain.  My loves, though so far from my touch, are ever far in thought.

My mind began to twist the norms. If  only thoughts could travel to their ears, or change their world. Could they? I began to dream. I began to whisper as someone in mental turmoil, yet I whispered my sweet assurances to the sky while smiling. I imagined loving words comforting their souls like the warmth of the setting sun, summoning the sky to administer that whisper of hope at just the right time. If only…  and so I spoke right up to the clouds like the friends they are to me.

Every day we meet, the clouds and I, and they put on a spectacular show with the sun. I dream. Always dream. We have meaningful soul chats because that’s what friends do. Yes, maybe my imagination is ablaze, but it looked as though the clouds smiled with the sunshine this evening and my thoughts became like iridescent fog, moving in mystery.

With an etherial beauty, my thoughts swirled up and up…and up, hovering and moving as one with the clouds. I gasped. I breathed in deep and let it go. The clouds, the ever trusted keeper, cradled my thoughts and carried them away.

and days turned into months.

The clouds gallantly held my thoughts and journeyed far, so far… kindly hovering and dropped my love-thoughts with the rain into the garden near my loves.  Drops caressed the dirt, speaking truth and life with every touch. My loves had watched the skies for days, waiting for the needful. Faces pressed to glass, smiling and thinking thoughts, and wondering why the raindrops glistened like a rainbow.

Then came more waiting, for all good things need time. And they could be seen morning and night looking for signs of growth; anticipating, hoping, yearning. Could it be?

And on the day I reached my loves, the smiles of secret thoughts could be seen. Surprises hung in the air. All these months of waiting and now hugs, sweet hugs! And then into the garden we roamed.  One hand clasped my momma’s hand and the other clasped my dad’s. We walked and talked of wind and gentle rain and we knelt before the flowers. We stopped to sit and look.  They told me more about the rainbow rain and that with that rain these flowers bloomed, in the garden near my loves.