7c058572-684a-4b31-8ec9-c9a054b0946e📚 I thought of an interesting book idea. What if every person in a family/community/ wrote a chapter of a book retelling the exact situation they all experienced together.
I think it would be eye opening. Have you ever heard two siblings tell the same story? Wow. Crazy town. Exact situation. Completely different “feelings” or “perceptions” from that experience.
our experiences, though similar, filter through us and reveal where there is insecurity and fear. 📚

🌍 This seems familiar. We’re reading a book these days and chapter by chapter the tale of our personal experience. But It’s so limited. So Small. But what if the tale could include more?

I know it sounds like a cliche. But love can write a different tale.
Love Erases the limiting fear experience and makes space for empathy. Like a plot twist! We begin to think “I wonder how I would feel if”… kind of thoughts…thoughts that include more than US. The tale changes.
Thoughts born on behalf of another are life giving and inspirational, even in the angst we can feel the rumbling of hope.
I think It’s a lot like what mother’s experience when a baby is born. All at once it’s not about just mom anymore. Mom filters all of life on behalf of how everything impacts that baby.

mom love. We can live in it. We have access to it Even if it’s not what we’ve experienced.
It’s not in our “experience” that holds the shift. It’s in believing we have it!

Mom love gives and doesn’t call it sacrifice.
Mom love gives and calls it a privilege. Mom love includes self-care and still scans for the goodness in this world on behalf of another.

We all know this, even if we haven’t had the experience. Even in our “lack of” we are shown the value of this truth because we crave it.
I think it’s the closest we can see of God’s love on earth.

So let’s begin.
Chapter 1. The year was 2020…