Hustle isn’t the antidote for not reaching goals. We often think movement is everything.
Force. Domination. Make it happen. Will it into existence. Sometimes this frenzied mindset and action is celebrated as a virtue even when it’s a liability.

We despise even the illusion of a still season, as if it means we appear lazy. Maybe feeling we need to prove what we are is at the core of the issue. Who cares how you appear?

We •move •move •move and call it hustling even as the crumbling is happening within our bones. Our bones are speaking.

But what if moment(s) of stillness are as necessary, needful & life-giving as the air we breathe. Like a mom feeds her baby in the darkness of night, we need nurture. This is not weakness.

The barren, freezing, silent season of winter is the life process.
Aliveness honors stillness.
You can too.
Because the still moment is the space between breaths & heartbeats.
It is life itself.