I got my health back! It has ignited such a passion to help others! Here’s my thought:
My job is not done until you feel better!

That’s why I almost always recommend Endoflex
I personally use this one every day to support the hormone producing glands! 
Side note: It’s nickname is “temper tantrum buster” (We all need that sometimes, no matter our age).

What is Endoflex?

The first four letters of the oil “Endo’,’ stands for Endocrine System.  The Endocrine System is “a system of glands that are responsible for producing hormones that regulate metabolism, growth & development, tissue function, sexual health, reproduction, sleep and mood.” Wow, that’s one important system.

What’s in Endoflex?
Endoflex is a blend of:
*Spearmint *Sage *Geranium  *Myrtle  *German Chamomile *Nutmeg  & *Sesame Seed Oil

How do I use Endoflex?
Internal: After two drops on my tongue, I feel a burst of energy each day. 
Don’t love the taste?
 ✔️Make a capsule with an oil like coconut or olive. 
 ✔️Or, add it to Ningxia Red superfood drink or tea. 
External:  I rub 2 drops on my neck (thyroid area) daily plus….

+ If I’m fatigued, I apply 2 drops over adrenals.
+ If I feel brain fog I apply on in center of my forehead. 
+ Feeling angry or frustrated, swipe it over my liver (just under your ribcage on the right side).  

Pro tips:
Boom: Parents/grandparents. “Temper tantrum Tamer”! – Roll on a few drops Endoflex on the child’s back in the area of the adrenals. 
Boom: Diffuse Endoflex in an Atomizing Diffuser (pairs well with Wintergreen and Orange.)

Here’s link to read more about this amazing blend: 


Sonya Thompson
Menopause Mentor

Natural Menopause, Thyroid & Hormone Support Group