You are Mother

“You are Mother”
8 x 10 oil on canvas panel ($150 original or $75 canvas print)

Motherhood shapes and enlarges your world to a degree that seems impossible and indescribable. And yet I attempt to capture on canvas just a small edge of that gorgeous glorious terrain.
Motherhood introduces you to places and emotions never before seen, let alone experienced. It also highlights in massive doses ALL that you DO NOT know. It is the ultimate Humbling. Maybe being so acquainted with your limitations is a gift and yet for your child, you boldly find yourself desiring and asking for wisdom in spades.
Motherhood is earthy trails, lush meadows, treacherous mountain hikes and vast uncharted open seas.This journey of love is both crippling and freeing simultaneously as it places you always within the grasp of heartache …and yet you find you never shrink back from it. It is LOVE in its most altruistic form. Divine. Yet Earthly.
For your child,
You will feel small yet full of strength.
You will feel afraid yet live in boldness.
You will feel discounted by some yet seen by one.
You will feel misunderstood yet hold your ground.
You will feel unsure yet unstoppable.
You will feel tired yet joyous.
You will feel old yet tethered to youth.
You will fall and fail yet survive.
You are mother.