book hair

The exquisiteness of a moment –  (this very moment), stands poised and intent, waiting for my eye contact; waiting for me to see, to feel…to know it’s rarity. Anticipation is in my breath.

And in that “teetering-on-the-edge” split-second, I have a choice. I can numbly follow the routine, the expected, the “musts” and “have-to’s”, to give weight and value to that which takes from me, or, I could go off-trail to find the soul-light I know waits for me in this yieldedness.

And I go.

I find it, full and glorious, pouring upon me like light falls into and through the small crevices between the leaves onto the forest floor. This is the very anointing I needed, but there were caveats. I had to leave mundane. I had to believe that I would see it. After all, it IS a faith journey.

The sun warms my soul and body as clouds float by like cotton candy. The gift of this day- this breath, this bite of food, this joyful thought, humbles me as I sit in the sunshine casually reading my book. I see the shadow of my hair dancing onto the page before me. I let myself go to feel the power of ONE moment and what it represents. I am alive, so fully alive!