🌲Christmas Tree Essential Oil Hack!🌲

🌲The Christmas season is now in full swing. Have you noticed the tree has a little issue before you are ready to take it down!?? The tree is usually starting to look more than a little shabby by Christmas Day. Needles start dropping off everywhere, and you can vacuum them all up and an hour later there’s a thousand more gracing the floor. yikes!

🌲Here’s an oil hack to help the Christmas tree stay fresh!

🌲It is important to do a few things when you bring a fresh Christmas tree home, so make sure you are doing these few things first:

~~🌲Make a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree so that it will take up water better.
~~🌲Use a tree stand with a large water reservoir. The more water that is available means the less you’ll need to babysit the tree.
~~🌲Put it in water as soon as possible, and refill the water as needed over the first 24 hours as the tree drinks its fill.
~~🌲Check the water daily and refill as needed.

🌲But here’s the trick to keep the Christmas tree fresh: Essential Oils!

~~🌲When you water the Christmas tree, add 6 drops of Balsam Fir essential oil to the water.

🌲When you bring the tree home make sure to take all the steps above, but when you add the water, add 6 drops of Balsam Fir essential oil! Use Balsam Fir if you get a fresh fir tree for Christmas (if you have any type of Fir). It seems to be a close enough match to do very nicely.

🌲Then every time you add more water, add a few more drops of the Balsam Fir essential oil to the water and the tree stays fresh and beautiful longer!

🌲Can you try other oils?
I would say you may try matching your oil to your tree type by type, but you will likely notice good results with whatever EVERGREEN tree oil you use, regardless of it matching.

🌲You could consider using:
Balsam Fir
Blue or Black Spruce
🌲It is a beautifully fragrant, incredibly natural, and fabulously simple way to keep the Christmas tree fresh all through the holiday season!

BTW, this 15mil bottle is 26.75 if you have a wholesale account! What a beautiful oil…and I use it all the time in my diffuser. It pairs so nicely with citrus fresh or orange! 

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