4+ years ago I was sitting on the toilet and trying to breathe during an anaphylactic reaction deciding if we should try to speed to the ER or rely on rescue meds. Rescue meds work sometimes. And sometimes they don’t.
I had just finished listening to “You are the placebo” by joe dispenza.
There was a calling within me; a calling to consider (even amidst this reaction) that my body was indeed “showing up for me” instead of “betraying me”.
I don’t have conclusive evidence for you. But all I can share is that the shift of gratitude for my body, instead of disdain, began a new journey for me.
It has looked like healing from the inside out. Sure, I use my plant supports and eat really intentionally, but bigger than all of that is what I actually believe about my body.
Gratitude is more than a nice word for Thanksgiving day. It is life-giving during medical crisis, even in disappointment that you can’t breathe. I remember days later swinging on this swing in a park thinking gratitude thoughts about my body.
I sure don’t have all the answers. But I have experienced gratitude as a lifeline support journey through the hurdles. Gratitude has changed everything—-especially anxious moments.
How has gratitude served you?