the whole world conspires on your behalf

you will drown in overwhelm,
but fly to heights unimaginable.

you will feel alone,
but find community.

you will doubt your ability,
but prove your tenacity.

you will change,
but discover your truth.

you will fail,
but win the battle.

you will be discouraged,
but be upheld.

you will have to fight for boundaries
but find freedom.

you will ugly-cry
but laugh hysterically

you will hurt
but heal.

you will be broken
but mend.

you will be betrayed
but find loyalty

you will be misunderstood
but gain clarity

you will feel demeaned
but be empowered.

you will be afraid
but offer safety

because you are a powerful, beautiful woman.
You are magic; wild and free like the flowers in summer but gentle and steady like the silver moon.
The whole world conspires on your behalf.